Historical Embroideries

Embroidery +
Best Company

Year of creation embroidery: 1984
Embroidery realization time: about 1 H

Technical description:
The embroidery has as its protagonist a raccoon with a sweet and quiet appearance, in a very natural pose with the position of the upper legs resting on the thighs.
The 3D effect is increased by the volume of the fluffy tail.
The scene is completed by an inscription Best Company in bold fuchsia surrounded by a blue perimeter dotted.


Year of creation embroidery: 1985
Embroidery realization time: about 2 H

Technical description:
The embroidery technique used for the embroidery “Mallard” is that of a point launched traced expertly in order to create realistic effects as in the plumage and other details.
In fact it is not the usual point launched, but a point launched that creates 3D effect, able to create movement to make the embroidery “alive”.
The body of the bird is so rich in details that it is possible to see perfectly the feathers of the moving wings and the feathers covering the belly.
The oar is really very realistic, thanks to the wood grain of the blade, which transmit the roughness typical of this object.
Complete the embroidery the inscription “Best Company” in italics with 3D effect and characterized by a clean and precise point.

Dog with a pheasant

Year of creation embroidery: Dog with pheasant 1986
Embroidery realization time: about 1.5 H

Technical description:
The embroidery represents a scene of a triumphant hound in the retrieval phase of his prey, a pheasant with multicolor plumage.
The technique used is the alternating mixed jumper in some details from a satin stitch.
This technique makes animals very realistic, thanks to the precision of the details and the studied alternation of colors and shades.
The 3D effect is increased by the perspective setting of the lawn, in addition to the alternation of full and empty spaces that let you see the base of the head.


Year of creation embroidery: 1989
Embroidery realization time: about 4 H

Technical description:
The sailboat is an authentic example of mastery in the laying of points that create a precise and detailed graphics in every detail.
More than an embroidery gives the idea of being a “frame”, an image of something moving in space and time fixed on a panel of dark blue fabric that evokes the color of the open sea in the middle of the night.
Even the waves, with their intertwining and alternating dark and light colors, thus creating a three-dimensional effect, seem to contribute to the motion of the boat, pushed already by the wind that inflates and moves the sails.
The idea of movement is accentuated by the “double seams” that create wavy lines on the surface of the sails, completely covering the satin fabric applied on them.
Completing the embroidery is a compass, symbol of navigation from the dawn of time and the inscription “Best Company” in red italics that frames the maritime scene.

Bear +
Best Company

Year of creation embroidery: 1992
Embroidery realization time: about 3.5 H

Technical description:
The embroidery represents a scene “into the wild” where a brown bear is caught on the fly of a salmon jumping up the river stream.
The salmon is in the typical lateral fall position after the jump.The tension of the scene is enriched by the physicality of the bear that is rendered through a clever game of different shades of colors that create the effects of light-dark surface of the mantle.
The only static element is the rock against which the foam of the moving water dissolves. Finally we find an orange Best Company cursive writing that recalls the color of some shades of salmon and bear.